Tips for Partners of People with Prostate Cancer - dummies

Tips for Partners of People with Prostate Cancer

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It may feel like the world is falling apart if your partner is diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is scary for both of you. Here are some tips for you to help your partner as he struggles with prostate cancer.

  • Be supportive. Let your partner know that you hate the cancer, too, and that you’re going to be there to help him fight it.

  • Offer to go with your partner to see the doctor. If he is still upset over the diagnosis, he may miss half (or more) of what the doctor says. If you go to the doctor with him, you can take notes and ask a few questions.

  • Realize that your partner will likely have at least a few weeks (if not months) before having to decide on a treatment. Take that time to help him gather information about treatments, support groups, and specialists.

  • Convince your partner to take timeout from thinking about prostate cancer. Take in a football game or movie, walk in the park, or do other activities you enjoy together. Replenish your mental energies so that you’ll be better prepared to tackle the disease, treatment side effects, and long-term prognosis.

  • Take some time out just for you — go to a movie or eat out with friends. Don’t devote all your time to thinking about resolving your partner’s prostate cancer problem. You’ll burn yourself out, and that won’t help him or you.