Finding a Cancer Specialist and Asking Questions about Prostate Cancer

Part of Prostate Cancer For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If your primary care doctor says you may have prostate cancer, he will want you to see a specialist, usually a urologist, to prescribe treatment and to answer your questions. When looking for a qualified specialist in your area, use these helpful tips:

  • Ask your doctor for a referral.

  • Ask your dentist, your chiropractor, and others in the general health care field for recommendations of doctors.

  • Check out information about physicians on the Internet.

  • Talk to other people who’ve undergone treatment for prostate cancer, in your family and at work.

Be sure to ask your doctor the following questions about treatment if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. If you are uncomfortable asking the questions, have a family member or friend ask your doctor for you.

  • “What treatments may be best for me and why?”

  • “How much time can I take to decide on a treatment?”

  • “Is nerve-sparing surgery an option for me, so that I can have a good chance of staying sexually potent?” (assuming surgery is recommended).

  • “Should I have radioactive seeds implanted, external radiation treatments, or both?” (assuming radiation treatments are recommended)

  • “Do I need to consult with other doctors? If so, what kind of doctors should I see and why?”