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Schooling Yourself: Electronic Chess Instruction

By James Eade

Over the past several decades, tremendous progress has been made in the use of computers as chess-teaching tools. Some programs are specifically designed to teach chess to kids, such as Chesster. You can find it at Chess News. (Click the Shop link and enter “Chesster” in the Search bar that appears at the top of the resulting page.)

As a premium service, provides a comprehensive library of instructional videos and a child-safe site, ChessKid, offering appropriate lessons, videos, and tactical quizzes.

New DVDs seem to appear daily as well. Sites such as, ChessUSA, and those of other major chess retailers are well stocked with new arrivals.

Plenty of online sites offer free instruction: Chessopolis offers extensive links to chess tutorials and lessons at Chessopolis. Another information-rich site is