Playing Bridge: Rebidding Notrump after Your Partner Shows Two Suits

By Eddie Kantar

If your Bridge partner bids two suits and you’re not thrilled with either, you may want to veer off into notrump. A notrump rebid gets you out of the awkwardness of playing in a trump suit with only seven cards between the two hands. Just be sure to tell your partner your strength.

If you want to make a notrump rebid, show your HCP according to the following scale after your partner’s rebid at the one level:

  • 7 to 10 HCP: Rebid 1NT, a minimum-range hand.
  • 11 to 12 HCP: Rebid 2NT, an invitational-range hand.
  • 13 to 17 HCP: Rebid 3NT — go straight to game with this count.

These cards show some hands in which rebidding notrump is on target.


Rebid notrump when you don’t have support for either of your partner’s suits.

For each of the following hands, the bidding has gone as follows:

Opener (Your Partner) Responder (You)
1♦ 1♥
1♠ ?

You have no adequate support for either of your partner’s suits, but you do have a balanced hand with strength in the unbid suit, clubs. A notrump rebid is called for in each of the responder hands.

  • In the first hand, rebid 1NT, showing 7 to 10 HCP.
  • In the second hand, rebid 3NT, showing 13 to 17 HCP.
  • In the third hand, rebid 2NT, showing 11 to 12 HCP.

The 2NT rebid showing 11 to 12 HCP is one of your best friends. You use it in many sequences to invite game.