How to Exchange Common Ingredients for Better pH Results

By Julie Wilkinson

Part of Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to restore your body’s pH balance, you need to make your meals more alkaline. Use the substitutes here to move away from foods that form acid as they’re digested:

Instead of This Use This
Butter Clarified butter or cold-pressed olive oil
Canned fruit Frozen fruit (without additives)
Coffee Herbal tea
Condiments Fresh herbs and spices
Creamer Almond milk
Flour Finely crushed skinless almonds
Gelatin Agar –agar
Navy beans Lentils
Peanuts Almonds or chestnuts
Red meat Poultry or firm tofu
Soda Sparkling water
Sugar Stevia or clover honey
White potatoes Sweet potatoes
White rice Wild or basmati rice
Whole eggs Egg whites
Yeast Baking soda and lemon juice
Yeast breads Sprouted grains