Glycemic Index Programs - dummies

By Meri Reffetto

Programs related to the glycemic index, such as classes and conferences, are win-win scenarios: You receive information you can trust, and you build a new support group with fellow participants. Finding glycemic index classes and conferences isn’t always easy.

Group classes

Group classes occur either as series or one-time affairs. Either way, you can often find these classes at your local hospital. Start by checking out the hospital’s website to see what types of health classes it offers. If you don’t find any, you can call the nutrition department and ask whether it ever offers any classes on the low-glycemic diet or weight management in general.

Another option for finding group classes is to look for registered dietitians who work in private practice in your local area. Do a web search or pull out the phonebook and flip through the Yellow Pages to see whether any local dietitians offer classes.

If you can’t track down a class, find a local registered dietitian and ask her whether she’d ever be interested in starting one up. If you can persuade the dietitian that several people in the community would benefit from the class, she may just be willing to give it a go. It never hurts to ask!

Professional conferences

Going to a professional conference on low-glycemic diets may sound a little “outside the box,” but it has been done. Healthcare professionals must take continuing education classes on many different topics in order to keep up on the latest research. If you don’t mind listening to a lot of medical jargon, professional conferences can be a great place to obtain the latest scoop on the glycemic index.

Not only are professional conferences costly, but in many cases you must be a healthcare professional in order to attend, so this strategy isn’t always a realistic one. However, many people attend these conferences for their own information. They can be a great way to network and meet professionals who’re working in this area of expertise.