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Boost Green Smoothie Nutrition by Adding Fruits

By Jennifer Thompson

You may think that most people would shy away from green smoothies because they’re afraid of greens, but the idea of adding fruit is what usually sends people running. How could that be? In a society both obsessed with diet and plagued by obesity, the thought of any type of sugar, even the healthy natural sugar in fruits, is immediately associated with weight gain.

Before you lose yourself in the “no fruit” camp, consider a few facts:

  • Combining the fructose in fruit with leafy greens and water gives you a high-fiber smoothie that’s not overloaded with sugar.

  • Fiber is the key component in fruit proven to regulate blood sugar levels and help with weight loss.

  • The water in fruits helps keep you full, minimizing hunger (and perhaps unhealthy snacking) later in the day.

  • The natural enzymes and alkalizing effects in fruit help you digest food better and faster.

  • Fruit contains many nutrients and antioxidants that offer invaluable health benefits.

  • The sugars and lack of fiber in chocolate, coffee drinks, alcohol, cakes, cookies, cereals, and breads will make you gain weight faster than any fruit ever will!

When your body gets the nutrients it needs, you no longer feel hungry or think about food as much, and that alone can help you lose weight. With so much health to gain and potential weight to lose, fruits are actually the perfect addition to a green smoothie. And if certain fresh fruits aren’t in season where you live, you can substitute frozen fruits (with no added sugar) for convenience.