How to Break an Egg - dummies

How to Break an Egg

Breaking an egg with one hand takes finesse, but using two hands to crack eggs works just fine. Knowing how to break eggs the right way will prevent “crunchy” omelets (how did that shell get in there?), broken yolks, and an eggstraordinary mess.

1Hold the egg in one hand.

Okay, you could always hold it with both hands, but that would look a little silly.

2Tap the egg on the side of a small bowl or glass measuring cup.

You want to gently break the shell. Don’t tap too hard, or you’ll shatter the egg, break the yolk, and end up with shell pieces in your bowl. Alternatively, tap the egg on a hard, flat surface.

3Place the tips of your two thumbs into the crack and gently open the egg so that the yolk and white fall into the bowl or measuring cup.

If a piece of shell falls in the egg, use the tip of a knife or a bigger piece of eggshell to nudge it up the side of the bowl and out.