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Digit-Eyes iPad App for Visually Impaired or Dyslexic Students

Digit-Eyes is a great iPad app for the visually impaired. Digit-Eyes enables people without vision to create and read bar-code labels. Students can use Digit-Eyes to identify class textbooks, magazines, DVDs and other coded items.

Digit-Eyes is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, so even students that may have trouble handling an iPad can use it.

A student can use their iPad to scan product packaging for UPC/EAN codes, and Digit-Eyes automatically identifies the code and tells him the name of the product. A student can also can QR codes a well.

If you turn the iPad’s VoiceOver function, then Digit-Eyes will read the coded information out loud for the student. With the aid of Digit-Eyes, anyone can scan and hear the names of more than 7.5 million products, often including the full description, usage instructions, and ingredients and in ten languages.


If that were all Digit-Eyes did, it would be a great product. It also, however, enables you to print your own bar codes directly from the Digit-Eyes website on ordinary labels. You can then attach those labels to anything that you want to scan and identify.

As a teacher, you could create digital labels for the items in your classroom you want your students to identify, and print labels for those items.

To take this one step further, the Digit-Eyes bar codes you print can contain text that VoiceOver reads or recorded audio that plays when the label is scanned. A student could create labels that help her organize the contents of folders, updating the recording/label as contents change. You could record audible classroom labels as well, providing verbal instructions for how to use various items.

Digit-Eyes sells washable labels that can be placed in clothing to help identify them. Recorded messages can be associated with these labels. In addition, you can rerecord the audio associated with the labels as needed. Digit-Eyes also sells pre-printed paper audio labels.