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Invaluable Magazines for Homeschoolers

By Jennifer Kaufeld

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When you want to read a homeschooling or educational periodical, the titles in the following table are a good example of the breadth available. Find a title that intrigues you and request a sample copy or find it at your local bookstore or library. Each title caters to a slightly different readership, so you may need to read one or two before you find the one that suits your taste. Some of the periodicals listed here are designed for homeschoolers; others are written for children who aren’t necessarily homeschooled but whose publishers and content embrace homeschooling.

Title Readership Address and/or Phone
AppleSeeds Grade 2 – 4 history, social studies 800-821-0115
Ask Grade 2 – 4 science, technology 800-821-0115
Boys Quest Boys age 6 – 12 800-358-4732
Calliope Age 9 – 14 world history 800-821-0115
Homeschooling Magazine
Classical homeschoolers
Cobblestone Age 9 – 14 American history 800-821-0115
Faces Age 9 – 14 world culture 800-821-0115
Home Education
inclusive homeschooling
Christian homeschoolers
Hopscotch Girls age 6 – 12 800-358-4732
Muse Ages 8 – 14 science, technology 800-821-0115
Odyssey Age 9 – 14 science 800-821-0115