Use TI-Graph Link to Create and Save a TI-84 Program - dummies

Use TI-Graph Link to Create and Save a TI-84 Program

By C. C. Edwards

You can create a program on the computer and then transfer it to your calculator (or vice versa). To do so, you need the TI Connect software, the TI-Graph Link software, and a TI-Graph Link cable to connect your calculator to your computer. The software is free; the TI-Graph Link cable, if it didn’t come with your calculator, can be purchased at the Texas Instruments online store.

After installing TI Connect and TI-Graph Link, you can create a program using TI-Graph Link, as follows:

  1. Start the TI Connect software.

  2. Click the Program Editors button at the top of the screen.

    You see a screen containing pictures of the various TI calculators.

    At the bottom of this screen you see a message that says the TI-Graph Link software does not support the USB TI-Graph Link cable. This means that USB cable users can still use TI-Graph Link to write their program, but they must use TI Connect, and not TI-Graph Link, to transfer the program to the calculator. This issue is fully addressed in the following steps.

  3. Click on the appropriate calculator.

    On the left of the screen you see a picture of the calculator keyboard, and on the right you see the Program editor.

  4. If necessary, clear the Program editor.

    If a program appears in the Program editor, click FileNewOK to clear the Program editor.

  5. In the box following Name, enter a name for your program.

    The name of your program can consist of one to eight characters that must be letters, numbers, or the Greek letter theta. The first character in the name must be a letter or


    Don’t press the Enter key on the computer after entering the name of the program. If you do, the software attempts to send the not-yet-completed program to your calculator. If you have a USB cable or a serial cable that isn’t connected to the computer, you get an error message.

  6. If desired, in the box following Comment, enter a comment.

    Use the mouse or Tab key to get from the Name box to the Comment box. Because an eight-letter name for your program usually doesn’t tell you much, writing a comment really helps when at a much later date you find yourself wondering what the program does.

    Don’t press the Enter key on the computer after entering the comment.

  7. Enter your program.

    Use the mouse or Tab key to get from the Comment box to the large box where the program is entered.

    Your program consists of a series of commands. In TI-Graph Link, commands are separated by pressing the Enter key after entering a command, or by placing a colon between two commands appearing on the same line of the Program editor.

    The calculator keyboard to the left of the Program editor is fully functional. Click on the keys using the mouse. For example, to enter


    in your program, click [2nd] and then click [^].

    When writing a program using the TI-Graph Link software, if you precede each command with a colon — as you do when writing a program on the calculator — no harm will be done. The calculator simply interprets each colon as a command that does nothing.

  8. Save your program on the computer.

    To do so, click FileSave As. Select the directory in which you want to save the program, and then click OK. The program is saved under the name you gave it in Step 4.