Transfer Files to Several Calculators

By C. C. Edwards

After transferring files between two calculators including the TI-83 Plus, you can then use the sending and/or receiving calculator to transfer the same files to a third calculator, usually without having to reselect the files. (If the initial transfer consisted of files selected from the A- submenu of the Link Send menu, then you will have to reselect the files.)

To transfer files to a third calculator, follow these steps:

  1. After making the initial transfer of files between the sending and receiving calculators, wait until Step 4 before pressing any keys on the calculator that will be used to transfer the files to a third calculator.

    After the initial transfer of files is complete, the screens on the sending and receiving calculators look similar to those shown, only with different files. If you press any key on the calculator, other than those specified in Step 3, the files you’re planning on sending to a third calculator will no longer be selected and you will have to reselect them.

  2. Link the third calculator to either the sending or receiving calculator.

  3. On the third calculator press


  4. On the other calculator press


    and select the same menu item that was used in the initial transfer of files. Press


    to complete the transfer of the files to the third calculator.

    The files from the previous transfer are still selected, provided that in the interim you made no new selection from the Link Send menu. The selected files in this figure are the files that were sent to the receiving calculator in the initial transfer of files.