Transfer Files between the TI-83 Plus and Other Calculators - dummies

Transfer Files between the TI-83 Plus and Other Calculators

By C. C. Edwards

If your calculators are the same, you can transfer anything between them. And you can transfer anything between a TI-83 Plus and a TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. You can also transfer anything from a TI-83 to the TI-83 Plus and the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. But because the TI-83 is not endowed with Flash technology, you cannot transfer applications from a TI-83 Plus or TI-83 Plus Silver Edition to a TI-83.

After connecting two calculators, you can transfer files from one calculator (the sending calculator) to another (the receiving calculator). To select and send files, follow these steps:

  1. Press


    on the sending calculator to access the Link Send menu.

  2. Use


    to select the type of file you want to send, and then press [ENTER].

    The first picture shows the types of files you can send. The down arrow visible after number 7 in this list of menu items indicates that there are more menu items than can be displayed on-screen. Repeatedly press


    to view these other menu items.

    If you want to send all files on the calculator to another calculator, select All+ and proceed to Step 4. (This option cannot be used when transferring files from a TI-83 Plus to a TI-83.)

  3. Use


    to move the cursor to a file you want to send and press [ENTER] to select that file. Repeat this process until you have selected all the files in this list that you want to send to another calculator.

    The calculator places a small square next to the files you select. In this image, lists L1, L2, and L3 are selected in the List Select menu.


  4. On the receiving calculator press


    You see a screen that says waiting, and in its upper-right corner, a moving broken line indicates that the receiving calculator is waiting to receive files.

    Always put the receiving calculator in Receiving mode before you transfer files from the sending calculator.

  5. On the sending calculator press


    to send the files to the receiving calculator.

    As files are transferred, you may receive the DuplicateName menu. This indicates that the receiving calculator already contains a file with the same name. Because the default names for stat lists are stored in the calculator, you always get this message when transferring a list, even if the list on the receiving calculator is empty.

    When you get the DuplicateName menu, select the appropriate course of action:

    • If you select Overwrite, any data in the existing file is overwritten by the data in the file being transferred.

    • If you select Rename, a new file is created and stored under the name you specify.

    The A after Name = indicates that the calculator is in Alpha mode: When you press a key, what you enter is the green letter above the key. To enter a number, press [ALPHA] to take the calculator out of Alpha mode and then enter the number.

    To enter a letter after entering a number, you must press [ALPHA] to put the calculator back in Alpha mode. Press [ENTER] when you’re finished entering the name.

    When renaming a file that is being transferred to the receiving calculator, the calculator has a strange and confusing way of warning you that a file having the same name already exists on the receiving calculator.

    When you press [ENTER] after entering the name, the calculator erases the name and makes you start over with entering a name. No warning message tells you that a file having the same name already exists on the calculator. If this happens to you, simply enter a different name.


The first picture in the figure shows the files that were sent; the second picture shows the files that were received. During the transfer of the files, L2 was renamed DATA.


If you want to terminate the transfer of files while it is in progress, press [ON] on either calculator. Then press [ENTER] when you’re confronted with the Error in Xmit error message. If you put one calculator in Receiving mode and then decide not to transfer any files to that calculator, press [ON] to take it out of Receiving mode.