How to Save Probability Simulation Data on the TI-84

By C. C. Edwards

The data that appears in any Probability Simulation table on the TI-84 Plus can be saved to lists so that you can, after exiting the application, statistically analyze this data.

To save the data, go to the simulator’s Home screen. (You know you are in the Home screen when DATA is the fourth command at the bottom of the screen. If you are not in the Home screen, press [Y=] to display the Home screen.) Then press [TRACE] to display the Save Data screen.

The names of the files (lists) you see are approximately the same as the column headings in the simulator’s table. You cannot rename these lists. Press [GRAPH] to tell the application that it is OK to save the data to the lists specified on the Save Data screen.

The list names for the data in each simulator are different. So, for example, if you save data after tossing coins and then save data after rolling dice, the data from each simulation will remain in the calculator. But the list names in a given simulator are the same.

So, for example, if you save data after tossing coins and then save data again after tossing more coins, the data from the second simulation will — without warning — overwrite the data from the first simulation. If you don’t want this to happen, consider renaming the lists saved in the first simulation before saving the data from the second simulation.

To rename the lists, you must first exit the Probability Simulation application. Then create a user-named data list using a new list name and recall the old list to that user-named list. The user-named list is automatically saved under its list name.