How to Enter Statistical Data on the TI-83 Plus - dummies

How to Enter Statistical Data on the TI-83 Plus

By C. C. Edwards

What you use to enter statistical data into the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator is the Stat List editor — a relatively large spreadsheet that can accommodate up to 20 columns (data lists). And each data list (column) can handle a maximum of 999 entries.

To use stat lists to enter your data into the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Press [STAT][5][ENTER] to execute the SetUpEditor command.

    The SetUpEditor command clears all data lists (columns) from the Stat List editor and replaces them with the six default lists L1 through L6. Any lists that are cleared from the editor by this command are still in the memory of the calculator; they just don’t appear in the Stat List editor.

  2. Press [STAT][1] to enter the Stat List editor.

    If no one has ever used the Stat List editor in your calculator, then the Stat List editor will look like the first picture. If the Stat List editor has been used before, then some of the default lists L1 through L6 may contain data, as in the second picture.


  3. If necessary, clear lists L1 through L6 or create a user-named list.

    The calculator requires that each data set (list) have a name. You can use the default names L1 through L6, or you can create your own name for a data list.

    If you want to use one of the default names L1 through L6 for your data list but that list already contains data, then you must first clear the contents of the list before you enter new data into it.

  4. Enter your data. Press [ENTER] after each entry.

    Use the


    keys to place the cursor in the column where you want to make an entry. Use the keypad to enter your number and press [ENTER] when you’re finished. A column (list) can accommodate up to 999 entries.