GeoMaster Menus on the TI-84 Plus Calculator

By C. C. Edwards

When you enter GeoMaster, the Menu bar appears at the bottom of the Ti-84 Plus calculator screen. If you are re-entering the application after it has been running in the background, press [GRAPH] or [ALPHA] to make the Menu bar appear.

The five menus on GeoMaster’s Menu bar are

  • File: This menu contains the commands that allow you to create, save, and recall files. The menu also contains the command that allows you to clear the screen and quit the GeoMaster application.

  • Draw: The tools housed in this menu allow help you draw geometric figures.

  • MEAS: This menu contains the commands that allow you to take measurements (length, distance, angle, area, and so on).

  • TRFM: If you want to transform objects by translating, reflecting, rotating, and/or dilating them, the tools needed to perform these tasks are found in this menu.

  • MISC: This menu contains some really great commands that answer the questions: Are these points collinear? Are these lines parallel or perpendicular? It also houses the commands for hiding objects in your construction.

If you are cruising through GeoMaster’s menus and decide not to make a selection, press [CLEAR] to get out of the menus and back to the GeoMaster screen.

To select a menu, press the key under the menu. That is, press [Y=] to enter the File menu, [WINDOW] to enter the Draw menu, [ZOOM] to enter the MEAS menu, [TRACE] to enter the TRFM menu, and [GRAPH] to enter the MISC menu.


A down arrow after the number of the last item in a menu screen or an up arrow after the number of the first menu item on the screen indicates that there are more items in the menu than can be displayed on the screen. Use


to view these items.

To activate a menu item, use


to move the cursor to the desired item and press [ENTER].

If you press


when the cursor is at the top of the menu, as in the first image, the cursor jumps to the last menu item, as illustrated in the second image. If you press


when the cursor is at the bottom of a menu, the cursor jumps to the top of the menu.