Create and Save GeoMaster Files on the TI-84 Plus

By C. C. Edwards

You can create a GeoMaster file in two ways on the TI-84 Plus calculator. If the GeoMaster screen is empty, just start creating your geometric figures. If the GeoMaster screen is not empty, select New File from GeoMaster’s File menu by pressing [Y=][1] if the Menu bar is visible or [GRAPH][Y=][1] if it is not.

You will be asked if you want to save your previous work. If you select Yes, the calculator is automatically put in Alpha mode so that you can enter a filename. Press [ENTER] after entering the filename. After selecting Yes and entering a filename or after selecting No, you are confronted with a blank GeoMaster screen, on which you can start creating geometric figures.

To save your work, follow these steps:

  1. Select Save File from GeoMaster’s File menu.

    To do this, press [Y=][3] if the Menu bar is visible; press [GRAPH][Y=][3] if it is not. After selecting Save File, you see a screen similar to this one.


  2. Select an existing filename or create a new filename.

    If you select an existing filename, such as GEOA in the first screen, the contents of that file will be replaced with your new work. If you select New Filename, you see a screen similar to the second screen.

    GeoMaster does not allow you to save a blank screen.

  3. If you selected New Filename, give your file a name and then press [ENTER].

    The name of your file can consist of one to eight characters, which must be letters, numbers, or the Greek letter theta. The first character in the name must be a letter or


    The reversed A in the upper-right corner of the screen indicates that the calculator is in Alpha mode. So when you press a key you will be entering the green letter above the key. To enter a number, press [ALPHA] to take the calculator out of Alpha mode and then enter the number. To enter a letter after entering a number, you must press [ALPHA] to put the calculator back in alpha mode.

    Press [ENTER] to save the file under its new name. As the file is being saved, you see a moving vertical line in the upper-right corner of the screen. This indicates that the calculator is busy saving your file.

If you save a GeoMaster file under the name of an existing GeoMaster file, the original file will be replaced by the new file. The calculator will give you no warning message that this is going to happen.