What You Should Know about the Common Core Standards Mathematics Appendix

By Jared Myracle

The appendix to the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice outlines some ideas on how to organize the math standards into courses in high school. Although these decisions will probably be made by your child’s school or district, it’s important for you to know the available options, in order to help make the most of your child’s education.

High schools can organize their math courses in two basic ways:

  • Traditional: You’re probably familiar with the traditional pathway for math courses in high school, which consists of courses like algebra, geometry, and so on.

  • Integrated: This pathway integrates standards from the various domains into Math I, II, and III. Each course has a different area of emphasis but includes skills and concepts from multiple domains.

Other resources in this appendix outline ideas and options for accelerated course pathways, including suggestions for ways to challenge students who are successful in math and need opportunities to engage with more complex math.

If you have questions about the organization of your child’s math courses or how to help your child succeed in mathematics, contact an administrator or math teacher at your local school or district for more information.