How to Make a Reversible Cushion Slipcover - dummies

How to Make a Reversible Cushion Slipcover

By Mark Montano, Carly Sommerstein

To make a reversible seat cushion, you need to sew something that looks like a fabric box. To create your pieces, measure your cushion’s width, and then measure your cushion’s circumference (the measurement all the way around, starting from one point on the edge). Be sure to add 1 inch to both measurements for your seam allowance. Your “top” piece will look like a long rectangle; the two smaller “side” pieces will be smaller rectangles.

To determine how much fabric you need, follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure all the way around the entire cushion, recording width, length, and depth.

    How to measure a cushion.

  2. Add them together.

  3. Double that number (so you can reverse the cushion).

    This example uses a cushion 30 inches square, which is doubled for 60 inches, and 4 inches deep, which you double for 8 inches. You need 68 inches, or 2 yards (72 inches) per reversible side, for a total of 4 yards per cushion.

Gather this gear to get started:

  • A few yards of fabric for each cushion

  • Cloth measuring tape

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine with appropriate color heavy-duty thread

  • Straight pins

To create your reversible cushions, follow these steps:

  1. Iron all your fabric well.

  2. Cut your fabric to create one long piece and two sidepieces, based on your cushion’s measurements.

  3. Fold the fabric so that the short ends of the “top” piece — the long rectangular piece — meet; use a 1/2-inch seam allowance to sew this long rectangular piece into a tube with the right sides together.

    Folding the fabric to make a cushion slipcover.

  4. Starting at the corner, pin one of the smaller rectangular sidepieces into the mouth of the tube, right sides together, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

    Pinning and sewing a cushion slipcover.

  5. Stitch only one long seam on the other side to create a flap.

    Stitching a flap to the slipcover.

  6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 using your other style fabric.

  7. With the right sides together, stitch the openings (the “mouth” and “flap”) together, leaving a 6-inch hole.

    Stitch together two fabrics to create a reversible slipcover.

  8. Pull the right sides through the hole and press and stitch the hole.

    A complete reversible cushion slipcover.

  9. Insert your cushion and with safety pins close the flap around your cushion.

    Hide the safety pins on the underside of your chair.