Drawing Your Paper Engineering and Pop-up Designs - dummies

Drawing Your Paper Engineering and Pop-up Designs

By Rob Ives

Part of Paper Engineering and Pop-ups For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re marking your card with a pencil and ruler rather than designing on your computer, you can do a few things to help the process and keep things neat. Keep the following paper engineering and pop-up drawing pointers in mind:

  • Draw your design with a pencil rather than a pen so you can correct any mistakes. Don’t press too hard with your pencil; you want the line to be easy to erase.

  • Keep your pencil well-sharpened or use a thin mechanical pencil. A thin line is more accurate than a wide line.

  • If possible, draw on the back of your design in reverse. That way, you can keep the front of the design clean and tidy.

  • Always use a ruler for straight lines. To be most accurate, measure your lines twice, once at each end, and then join the two marks.