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Origami really allows you to be creative. As well as following models, you can always expand or adapt them, or follow your impulse and create your own designs from scratch. Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of origami:

  • Fold with clean hands.

  • Make sure the square is really square.

  • Be precise. Accuracy is vital because errors multiply quickly.

  • Slow down and give yourself enough time to finish a model (it always takes longer than you think).

  • Always fold the paper away from you rather than towards you.

  • Folding an edge to an edge is easier than folding to a crease.

  • The first time you try a new design, use a larger sheet than usual.

  • To do a mountain fold, turn the paper over and do a valley.

  • If you get really stuck following a diagram, refold with a new sheet.

  • Use a ruler and an old biro (with no ink) to score creases where you need greater accuracy when folding.

  • A staple gun makes a handy alternative to glue (this isn’t cheating!).

  • If you create a new model of your own, make a rough diagram of it, however crude or abbreviated, otherwise you’ll forget!

  • Always look ahead to the next drawing to see where you’re going.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with a model.

  • Save your mistakes, because they may lead to new, creative ideas.

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