How to Make a Striped Bag by Knitting In the Round - dummies

How to Make a Striped Bag by Knitting In the Round

Knitting in the round to make a bag is great because there’s no purling. You knit the main body of the bag in the round, so no purling there, and the bottom is all garter stitch — also not a purl in sight. This pattern has stripes, and is super-flexible and fun!

This project requires these materials and vital statistics:

  • Measurements: 12 inches x 12 inches

  • Yarn: Heavy worsted-weight wool; approximately 250 yards; various colors, as desired

  • Needles: One 24-inch size US 10 (6 mm) circular needle; tapestry or yarn needle

  • Other materials: Handles of your choice

  • Gauge: Varies according to yarns used; for heavy worsted-weight yarn, approximately 3 1/2 to 4 stitches and 5 to 6 rows per 1 inch

Create your very own striped bag that is knit in the round:

  1. Using a size US 10 circular needle, cast on 100 stitches (sts).

  2. Knit until the piece measures 10 inches.

    Switch yarns as desired to create stripes.

  3. Bind off all but 30 sts.

  4. Knit 4 inches in garter stitch.

    Make sure you have enough to cover the bottom opening.

  5. Bind off all remaining stitches and break the yarn.

    Leave 36 inches for seaming.

  6. Sew the garter stitch bottom to the open three sides of the bag piece by using a tapestry needle and the remaining yarn.

  7. Attach handles as instructed on the packaging.