How to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn - dummies

By Mary Scott Huff

Fast and fun to make, yarn tassels can add a decorative touch to clothing, home decor, holiday gifts, Halloween costumes, and more. Here are six simple steps to your sew-free success:


  1. Wrap yarn around cardboard 20 times.

  2. Thread tapestry needle with 12″ of yarn and tie top of tassel snugly. Remove needle, leaving tie to attach to work.

  3. Cut ends of yarn and remove from cardboard.

  4. Thread tapestry needle with 18″ of yarn and wrap around tassel 6–10 times, snugly. Tie knot in wrap yarn and bury end inside tassel.

  5. Trim tassel ends evenly.

  6. Attach to work.