How to Spray-Block Knitting or Crochet - dummies

How to Spray-Block Knitting or Crochet

Spray block a knitted or crocheted piece to smooth out all the uneven stitches and to straighten wavy, rolling edges. When you spray block knitting or crochet, you use a spray bottle to wet down the piece instead of immersing it in water.

  1. If you’re using blocking wires, thread them along the side edges.

    Blocking wires can help secure your piece while it dries

  2. Spread out your knitted piece on your blocking board.

    Lay the piece wrong-side up for stockinette or right-side up for texture and cables.

  3. Align and measure your piece.

    You want everything straight and matching your schematic.

  4. Pin the edges every few inches (if you’re not using blocking wires).

    Place the rustproof pins closer together if you see that the edge is rolling severely between pins.

  5. With a clean spray bottle filled with room-temperature water, spray your piece.

    Spray until the piece is saturated

  6. Press gently with your hands to even out the fabric.

    Pinch and mold any three-dimensional details.

  7. Let the sweater dry.

    Drying usually takes a day or two, depending on the thickness of the project, general humidity, and so on.

  8. When your piece is dry, remove it from the blocking board.

    Enjoy your freshly blocked knitted creation!