How to Make a Double Increase with a Yarn Over

Working a double increase with a yarn over results in 3 stitches being made from 1 stitch. (Work a double increase to add 2 stitches in the same place. A yarn over is a way of making an extra stitch on your needle and creating a deliberate little hole in your fabric.)

  1. Work to the stitch in which you plan to make the increase.

  2. Insert your RH needle as if to knit.

    Place the needle in the stitch that you want to increase.

  3. Wrap the yarn around the needle and bring the new loop through to the front.

    Don’t slide the old stitch off the LH needle.

  4. Bring the yarn between the needles to the front.

    Position the yarn in front and down.

  5. Insert the RH needle as if to knit into the same stitch again.

  6. Bring the yarn over the RH needle to the back.

  7. Wrap the yarn around the tip of the RH needle as you normally would, pull the loop through, and slide the old loop off.

    Three stitches cluster together on your RH needle.