How to Knit a Six-Stitch Cable - dummies

How to Knit a Six-Stitch Cable

By Kristi Porter

Knitting six-stitch cables is similar to four-stitch cables. You can knit a six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F) and a six-stitch right-twisting cable (C6B) with ease. Work a six-stitch cable when you come to the direction C6F or C6B in a pattern.

A six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F)
A six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F)
A six-stitch right-twisting cable (C6B)
A six-stitch right-twisting cable (C6B)
  1. Slip 3 stitches to the cable needle and bring the cable needle with its 3 stitches to the proper position.

    Move the needle to the front of the work for C6F (top image) or to the back for C6B (bottom image). Just let the needle hang there. You don’t need to hold it. If your stitches begin to slip off the cable needle, use a larger one.

  2. Knit the next 3 stitches from the left-hand needle.

    Slide the stitches on the left-hand needle over a bit so they aren’t in danger of falling off the tip, and then drop the left-hand needle.

  3. Pick up the cable needle with your left hand, and without twisting it, knit the 3 stitches from the cable needle.

    The knit side of the stitches will face you.

  4. Put down the cable needle, pick up the left-hand needle, and finish the row.

    That’s it! Repeat the cable as specified in your pattern.