How to Crochet a Row - dummies

By Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey

Going back and forth may not get you places in real life, but it sure does when you’re crocheting in rows. When you crochet rows, you need to turn your work, make your turning chain, and start back across the row.

With a starting row of 16 single crochet stitches, you can crochet a row of stitches:

  1. Turn your work to prepare for the next row.

  2. Chain 1 (ch 1; turning chain for single crochet).

  3. Insert your hook from front to back underneath the top two loops of the first stitch.

    The first stitch in a crochet row

  4. Wrap the yarn over the hook (yo).

  5. Draw your yarn through the stitch.

    The second part of crocheting a stitch.

  6. Wrap the yarn over the hook.

  7. Draw your yarn through the two loops on the hook.

    Completing a crochet stitch.

    Now you have one single crochet in the second row completed, and one loop remains on the hook.

  8. Work one single crochet stitch in each single crochet stitch from the previous row all the way to the end.

    Make sure to count your stitches when you get to the end of the row. You should have exactly the same number of stitches in the second row as in the first.

Working a practice crochet swatch helps you figure out new stitches and start making them like a pro. Use worsted-weight yarn (it’s easiest to work with) and a size H-8 hook to make a foundation chain approximately 4 inches long and then chain 1 for your turning chain. Work as many rows of single crochet as you need to until you feel comfortable with the new stitch.

Some patterns like to change things up and may tell you to insert your hook in a different place in the previous row. But if no specific instructions are given, always work the stitches in each subsequent row under the top two loops of the stitch in the previous row. This is the best way to create a smooth, even fabric.