Increase Multiple Spaces at the Beginning of a Row in Filet Crochet - dummies

Increase Multiple Spaces at the Beginning of a Row in Filet Crochet

By Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey

Increase spaces and blocks to make filet crochet interesting. To increase more than one space at the beginning of a filet crochet row, you just have to know how many increase chain stitches to make for each additional space.

1When you reach the end of the row that precedes the row you’re going to increase, turn your work.

You position your work just like you do to start a regular new row.

2Chain (ch) 2.

This step creates the base of the first increase space.

3Chain 3 more for each additional space required.

The example in these steps adds one more space for a total of two increases.

4Chain 3 more.

You create the turning chain of the row’s first double crochet (dc) stitch.

5Chain 2 more.

This step creates the top of the first space.

6Double crochet in the eighth chain from the hook.

7Chain 2 for the top of the second increase space.

Skip the next 2 chain stitches.

8Double crochet in the next chain stitch.

You have now increased the row by two spaces.

9Chain 2 to make the top of the next space.

Skip the next 2 stitches.

10Double crochet in the next double crochet stitch.

This step makes the next space of the row.

11Repeat the preceding two steps across the row.

Complete a row of spaces.