Basic Candle-Making Supplies - dummies

By Kelly Ewing

Part of Making Candles & Soaps For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Making candles and soaps at home doesn’t call for an arsenal of expensive supplies. Here’s a list of essentials candle-making materials you’ll need to create your own tapers, pillars and votives:

  • Double boiler: You can improvise by placing a smaller pot on a trivet inside a larger pot.

  • Mold: You can buy fancy metal molds at your local craft store, or you can use household items, such as metal cans or yogurt cups.

  • Mold sealer: You can use this item to seal your wick hole so that no wax leaks out.

  • Releasing agent: Spray on your mold a releasing agent, such as vegetable oil, before you add your wax, and your candle will be easier to remove.

  • Thermometer: You need to melt your wax to 190º F, and this tool helps ensure that you reach the correct temperature.

  • Wax: You have many options to choose from, but the most common waxes are paraffin, beeswax, and gel.

  • Wick: Buy them preprimed and pretabbed, and you won’t need to take any extra steps.