Special Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera Options - dummies

Special Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera Options

By Dan Gookin

Because it is part of a tablet, the Galaxy Tab’s camera can add special features to the photos it takes, such as setting a GPS location of the photo and adding special effects to photos on the spot.

How to set the image’s location on Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab not only takes a picture, but also keeps track of where you’re located on Planet Earth when you take the picture — if you’ve turned on that option. The feature is called Geo-Tab or GPS-Tag, and here’s how to ensure that it’s on:

  1. While using the Camera app, touch the Settings button.

  2. Choose GPS Tag.

  3. If the On setting isn’t chosen, touch it to activate GPS Tag.

  4. Touch the Back icon button to close the Settings menu.

Not everyone is comfortable with having the Tab record a picture’s location, so you can turn the option off. Just repeat these steps, but choose Off in Step 3.

How to adjust the Galaxy Tab camera

The Camera app sports various adjustments you can make, two of which are fun to play with: Scene Mode and Effects. Both options are found on the Settings menu, which is displayed when you touch the Settings button on the left side of the screen.


Scene Mode: Choosing this item lets you configure the camera for taking certain types of pictures. Choose an option that describes the type of images you’re capturing, such as Sports for quick-action, Night for low-light situations, or Text for copying documents. The None setting directs the camera to choose the best scene by guessing.

Effects: Add special visual effects by touching the Effects option. There are only four: None for no effects; Grayscale to shoot in monochrome; Sepia for that old-time look; and Negative, which is how people who watch too much politics on television see the world.