How to Manage Multiple Home Screen Panels on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet - dummies

How to Manage Multiple Home Screen Panels on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet ships with a small smattering of Home screen panels, probably three. But that’s not the limit of your Home screen neighborhood. It’s possible to expand the number of panels to seven. You can add new panels as you need them, remove empty panels, and even set which is the primary one.

To add or remove Home screen panels, heed these directions:

  1. At the Home screen, touch the Menu button.

  2. Choose the Edit Page command.

    You can also pinch the Home screen to summon the Edit Page command. Either way, you’ll see an overview of all Home screen panels.


  3. Work with the Home screen panels.

    You can do four things:

    • Remove: To remove a Home screen panel, drag it to the Remove icon. If the panel has icons or widgets, you’ll see a warning. If prompted, touch the OK or Yes button to confirm the deletion.

    • Add: To add a Home screen panel, touch the thumbnail with a plus icon. If you don’t see a thumbnail with a plus icon, you can’t add any additional panels.

    • Rearrange: Drag a panel around to change the order in which it appears.

    • Set the primary Home page: The thumbnail with the highlighted Home icon is the primary Home screen panel. To set that primary panel, touch the Home icon.

  4. Touch the Back button or press the Home key when you’re done editing.

You cannot undo a Home screen panel deletion. You have to add a new blank panel and then populate it with icons and widgets.

  • The primary Home screen panel is the one you’re returned to when you press the Home key.

  • You can add a new panel to the Home screen also by choosing the Page command from the Home Screen menu.