How to Use Your Android Tablet to Identify Songs

By Dan Gookin

Your Android tablet is pretty darn cool. Did you know it can even help you identify songs? Yes, you heard that correctly. Your tablet has the ability to listen to a song and then tell you more information. How, you ask?

Ever hear a song playing and you want to know what it is? Google is happy to oblige, but with a reason: The Sound Search for Google Play widget uses the tablet’s microphone to listen to music. It matches what’s playing with Google’s song library and eventually gives you the song’s name and artist — plus a chance to purchase the music from Google Play. (That’s the reason for the app.)

The Sound Search widget works best (exclusively, it could be argued) with recorded music. Try as you might, you cannot sing into the thing and have it recognize a song. Humming doesn’t work, either. Playing the guitar and piano has been attempted and — nope — that doesn’t work either. But it’s a great tool for discovering details about the music you’re listening to.

You can obtain the Sound Search for Google Play widget from the Play Store app.