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Special Modes and Effects in Your Android Tablet Camera App

By Dan Gookin

Camera apps on Android tablets often sport a rich variety of features. Some apps go way beyond the basics and offer custom shooting modes, special effects, filters, animations, and more. These are divided into two categories:

  • Special modes are shooting modes. For example, the Camera app may offer the Sports shooting mode, ideal for capturing fast action, or Macro mode for getting details on small objects.

  • Best Shot mode is another type of mode found on some Samsung tablet Camera apps. In that mode, several images are taken rapidly, which you can then review to pick and choose the best parts of the images to create a final composite.

Effects are applied to the image or video beforehand. These include colorization filters — for example, to shoot an image or a video in monochrome or grayscale.

  • Not every Android tablet Camera app offers special shooting modes and effects.

  • Exploring the shooting modes and effects can be fun, but disable them whenever you need to return to normal photography and video recording. The standard modes are Camera or Still Image for taking photos and Video for recording movies. To remove visual effects, choose either the No Effect or Auto option.