How to Share Files from Your Android Device on the Cloud - dummies

How to Share Files from Your Android Device on the Cloud

By Dan Gookin

The wireless way to swap files between your Android and just about any other device is to use cloud storage. That’s just fancy talk for storing files on the Internet. Google’s cloud storage is called Google Drive. Like other services, it’s tied to your Google account. You have access to the storage on your Android or any other device that has Internet access. You sign in to your Google account — boom! — you see your files. (The boom is an exclamation; nothing actually explodes.)

On your Android, use the Drive app to browse and manage your Google Drive files. On the Internet, you access your Google Drive. From that site, you can also obtain the Google Drive program for your computer, which I recommend installing.

To move an item from your Android to your computer via Google Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the item you want to save or copy to your Google Drive storage.
    It can be a picture, movie, web page, YouTube video, or just about anything.
  2. Tap the Share icon.
    If you don’t see the Share icon, the item you’re viewing cannot be copied to Google Drive.
  3. Choose Save to Drive.

    You may instead see the Google Drive icon, shown in the margin. Tap it. If you’ve not yet used Google Drive, you’ll see a permissions card. Tap the ALLOW button.
  4. Fill in the Save to Drive card.
    The card already lists the item’s filename or title, but you can change it to something shorter or more descriptive. Also, you can tap the Folder action bar to choose a specific Google Drive folder on which to save the item. If you’re unsure which folder is best, just use the main My Drive folder for now.
  5. Tap the SAVE button.

The item is saved or copied to your Google Drive storage. In mere Internet moments, it’s available to your computer or any other device where you can access your Google Drive storage.

  • To move a file from a computer to your Android, use Google Drive on your Computer: Copy the file to the Google Drive folder. When you next access the Drive app, open the proper folder and find the file.
  • Other cloud storage apps include the popular Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, the Amazon Cloud, and more. Each of these works similarly to Google Drive; just choose the proper app in Step 3.
  • Cloud storage apps are free. You’re provided with a modest amount of online storage at no charge. For a monthly subscription, you can obtain more storage.