How to Select the Storage Device for Your Android Tablet Photos

By Dan Gookin

The Camera app on your Android tablet sports options necessary for any amateur photographer. Of course, storage is always an issue, for any photographer. Because you want to have plenty of space for all of your photo-taking needs, you will want to ensure you have chosen the correct storage device for your tablet.

You will want to back up any photos that you be sad losing. Your tablet is fairly reliable, but with anything tech, it is always a good idea to have a backup.

When you place a microSD card into your Android tablet’s removable storage slot, the Camera app automatically chooses that location to save new photos and videos. To confirm or change this setting, follow these steps in the Camera app:

  1. Tap the Action Overflow or Settings icon.
  2. Choose Storage Location.

    The option may have a name different from but similar to Storage Location.

  3. Set the location.

    The options are Device or Internal for the tablet’s internal storage; or microSD, Memory Card, or External Storage for the removable media card.

Not every tablet features removable storage.