How to Place an App on the Favorites Tray on Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your Android tablet offers you a handy little place to keep your favorite apps. The row of launcher icons at the bottom of the Home screen remains the same no matter which Home screen page you’re viewing. It’s called the favorites tray, and it’s an ideal spot for apps you use most frequently.

Launchers are added to the favorites tray in one of two ways:

  • Drag a launcher off the favorites tray, to either the Home screen page or the Remove or Delete icon. This step makes room for a new icon on the favorites tray.
  • Drag a launcher from the Home screen to the favorites tray, in which case any existing icon swaps places with the icon that’s already there.

Of these two methods, the second one may not work on all tablets. In fact, the second method may create an app folder on the favorites tray, which is probably not what you want.


The best apps to place on the Home screen are those that show launcher notifications. The apps include Facebook, Twitter, the Email app, and others.