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Optional Accessories for Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your credit card company will be thrilled when you discover that an assortment of handy Android tablet accessories are available for purchase. You can find them at the place where you purchased your tablet, online, or in the real world. Here are just a few of the items that you can consider getting to complete your tablet experience:

  • Earphones: You can use any standard cell phone or portable media player earphones with an Android tablet. Simply plug the earphones into the headphone jack at the top of the tablet and you’re ready to go.

  • Covers, pouches, and sleeves: Answering the question “Where do I put this thing?” is the handy Android tablet pouch or sleeve accessory. Special pouches that double as covers or tablet stands are also available. Try to get one designed for your tablet. If not, check the size before you buy. Not every 10-inch tablet fits into the same 10-inch pouch.

  • Screen protectors: These plastic, clingy things are affixed to the front of the tablet, right over the touchscreen. They help defend the touchscreen glass from finger smudges and sneeze globs while still allowing you to use the touchscreen.

  • Vehicle charger: You can charge the Android tablet in your car if you buy a vehicle charger. It’s an adapter that plugs into your car’s 12-volt power supply, in the receptacle that was once known as a cigarette lighter. The vehicle charger is a must if you plan on using the Android tablet’s navigation features in your auto or when you need a charge on the road.

  • Docks, various and sundry: Most people manhandle their tablets. Tsk, tsk. You can be more refined and get your Android tablet a dock. There are several kinds, from the simple prop-dock that holds up the tablet at a pleasant viewing angle to docks that contain keyboards to multimedia docks that feature USB ports.

  • Keyboard: Some docking stands double as tablet keyboards, but you can also obtain any Bluetooth keyboard for use with your Android tablet.

  • USB Adapter: This USB adapter isn’t the same thing as the USB cable that comes with your tablet. It’s a dongle that plugs into the tablet’s power/USB jack to allow the tablet to host a USB device, such as a keyboard, mouse, or modem, or an external storage device (hard drive or optical drive).

Other exciting and nifty accessories might be available for your tablet. Check frequently for new garnishes and frills at the location where you bought your tablet.

  • None of this extra stuff is essential to using your tablet.

  • You can use Bluetooth earphones or a cell phone Bluetooth headset with any Android tablet.

  • If the earphones feature a microphone, you can use that microphone for dictation, recording, and even chatting online with friends.

  • If the earphones feature a button, you can use the button to pause and play music. Press the button once to pause, and again to play.

  • Android tablets generally don’t recognize more than one earphones button. For example, if you use earphones that feature a Volume button or Mute button, pressing that extra button does nothing.

  • Another useful accessory to get is a microfiber cloth to help clean the tablet’s screen, plus a special cleaning-solution wipe.