Old-Time Image Effects on Your Android Tablet - dummies

Old-Time Image Effects on Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

The Photos app on your Android tablet features a rich collection of image manipulation tools. Use them to enhance images or create special effects. As an example, suppose that you want to make a photo you shot with your leading-edge-of-technology tablet look like it was taken over 100 years ago. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a photo to work with.


  2. Tap the Edit icon.

  3. Choose Vintage.

  4. Swipe up the screen to choose Brightness, and then swipe right to set the value to about +30.

  5. Swipe up to set the saturation level to –100.

  6. Swipe up to set the vignette strength to +100.

  7. Tap the Done (Check Mark) icon to set the changes.

    The results so far are shown here.


  8. Choose Retrolux.

    A sepia tone is automatically applied:


  9. Tap the Done icon.

  10. Choose Frames.

  11. Tap the Frame icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

  12. Choose Frame 19.

    You may have to swipe the frame thumbnails from right to left to locate Frame 19.

  13. Drag your finger on the touchscreen to adjust the frame thickness.

    A thickness of zero is fine.

  14. Tap the Done icon.

    The resulting old-time image effect is shown here:


  15. Tap the Done icon to save the modified image.