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How to Use Your Android Tablet as an Alarm Clock

Your Android tablet keeps constant, accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen as well as on the lock screen. That’s handy, but it just isn’t enough, so the tablet ships with an app that tells the time and also may double as an alarm clock.

The app may be called Clock or Alarm, but either way, the app does similar timey-type things: Display the time, act as a stopwatch, work as a timer, and set alarms. Of these activities, setting an alarm is pretty useful: In that mode, your tablet becomes your nightstand companion.

Here’s how to set a wake-up alarm in the stock Android Clock app:

  1. Touch the Alarm icon on the Clock app’s screen.

    The icon may be a tab, or you may have to swipe the Clock app’s screen left or right to view the Alarm screen.

  2. Touch the Add icon.

    The Set Alarm screen appears.

  3. Fill in details about the alarm.

    Set the alarm’s time, decide whether it repeats daily or only on certain days, choose a ringtone, set the Vibration mode, and make any other settings displayed on the screen, including giving the alarm a name. For example, Wake Up, Get to the Airport, or Annoy My Spouse.

  4. Touch the OK button or Done button to create the alarm.

    You see your alarm in the list in the Alarms window.

  5. Ensure that the alarm is set.

    Alarms in the Clock app must be set to activate. If not, the alarm exists, but no alert is triggered.

When the alarm goes off, touch the Dismiss icon to tell the tablet, “Okay! I’m up!” Or you can touch the Snooze icon to be annoyed again after a few minutes.

  • Your tablet keeps the clock accurate by using the Internet connection. You never have to set the time.

  • Information about a set alarm appears on the Clock app’s screen and on the tablet’s lock screen.


  • When an alarm is set, the Alarm notification appears in the status area atop the screen. That notification is your clue that an alarm is set and ready to trigger.

  • Turning off an alarm doesn’t delete the alarm. To remove an alarm, long-press it and choose the Delete Alarm option from the menu. Touch the OK button to confirm.

  • The alarm doesn’t work when you turn off the Android tablet. However, the alarm does go off when the tablet is locked or sleeping.