How to Sort and Search Your Android Tablet Address Book - dummies

How to Sort and Search Your Android Tablet Address Book

The Android tablet’s address book displays contacts in a certain order. Most often, that order is alphabetically by first name. You can change this order if the existing arrangement drives you nuts. Here’s how:

  1. Open the tablet’s address book.

    Start the People or Contacts app.

  2. Touch the Action Overflow icon.

    On some tablets, touch the Menu icon instead.

  3. Choose Settings.

    The screen that appears contains options for viewing your contacts.

  4. Choose the Sort List By or List By command.

    This command sorts contacts by first name or by last name. Some tablets may use given name for first name and family name for last name. It’s European.

  5. Choose View Contact Names By or Display Contacts By.

    This command specifies how the contacts appear in the list: first name first or last name first.

There’s no right or wrong way to display your contacts — only the method you prefer.

You might have a massive number of contacts. Although the address book app doesn’t provide a running total, you probably have more contacts than you can count.


Rather than endlessly scroll the Contacts list and run the risk of rubbing your fingers down to nubs, you can employ the tablet’s powerful Search command. Touch the Search icon or use the Search or Find Contacts text field, if it’s visible. Type the name you want to locate. The list of contacts quickly narrows to show only the contacts matching the text you type.

  • To clear a search, touch the X at the right side of the search text box.

  • No, there’s no correlation between the number of contacts you have and how popular you are in real life.