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How to Set Web Browser Privacy and Security Options on Your Android Tablet

As far as your Android tablet’s web browser app settings go, most of the security options are already enabled from the get go, including the blocking of pop-up windows (which normally spew ads).

If information retained by the web browser concerns you, you can clear it: In the web browser app, touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon and choose the Settings command. Choose either the Privacy or Privacy and Security category. Review the items presented to see which information the app is keeping and which it’s not.

Choose the Clear Browsing Data command to remove any memorized information you may have typed on a web page. Choose items from the list that’s presented, which can be cleared from the tablet’s internal storage. Touch the Clear button to remove that information, such as browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, and data from online forms you’ve filled in.

Remove the check mark from Remember Form Data. These two settings prevent any characters you’ve input into a text field from being summoned automatically by someone who may steal your tablet.

You might be concerned about various warnings regarding location data. What the warnings refer to is the tablet’s ability to track your location on Planet Earth. That ability comes from the device’s GPS, or global satellite positioning system. It’s a handy feature, but one that some people find overly intrusive.

With regard to general online security, think before doing anything questionable on the web. Use common sense. One of the most effective ways that the Bad Guys win is by using human engineering to try to trick you into doing something you normally wouldn’t do, such as click a link to see a racy picture of a celebrity. As long as you use your noggin, you should be safe.

Also, if security concerns you, most definitely apply a PIN lock or password lock to your tablet.