How to Send Your Location to Others on the Android Tablet Maps App

It’s possible to use the Maps app on your Android tablet to send your current location to a friend. If your pal has a mobile device (phone or tablet) with smarts similar to your Android tablet, he can use the coordinates to get directions to your location. Maybe he’ll even bring some tacos in pill form!

To send your current location in an e-mail message, obey these steps:

  1. Long-press your current location on the map.


    To see your current location, touch the Location icon in the lower right corner of the Maps app screen.

    After long-pressing your location (or any location), you see a card displayed, showing the approximate address.

  2. Touch the card.


  3. Touch the Share icon.

  4. Choose the app to share the message, such as Gmail or Email or whichever other communications app is listed.

  5. Continue using the selected app to choose a recipient and otherwise complete the process of sending your location to that person.

When the recipients receive the message, they can touch the link to open your location in the Maps app — providing that they have an Android tablet or some other Android device.