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How to Review Notifications on Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Notifications appear as icons at the top of the Android tablet Home screen. To review them, you pull down the notifications drawer by dragging your finger from the top of the screen downward. You can see the notifications drawer.

The notifications drawer.
The notifications drawer.

Scroll through the list of notifications by swiping the drawer up and down. To peruse a specific notification, tap it. Choosing a notification displays more information, and it may also dismiss the notification.

You can dismiss a notification by sliding it left or right. To dismiss all notifications, tap the Clear Notifications icon. You may need to slide the notification drawer up or down to locate the Clear button.


To hide the notifications drawer, tap the Back icon, swipe the screen upward, or tap anywhere else on the Home screen.


  • Some tablets require you to swipe the screen from the top-left edge to see the notifications drawer. When you swipe down from the top-right edge, you see the Quick Settings shade.


  • When more notifications are present than can be shown on the status bar, you see the More Notifications icon displayed.

  • Dismissing some notifications doesn’t prevent them from appearing again in the future. For example, notifications to update your apps continue to appear, as do calendar reminders.

  • Ongoing notifications cannot be dismissed. They include items such as USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections.

  • Some apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, don’t display notifications unless you’re logged in.

  • Your Android tablet plays a notification ringtone whenever a new notification floats in. You can choose which sound plays.