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How to Place a Skype Phone Call on Your Android Tablet

Ah. The big enchilada: Skype can be used to turn your Android tablet into a cell phone. It’s an amazing feat. And it works quite well. Heed these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you have Skype Credit.

    You can’t make a “real” phone call unless you have Skype Credit on your account. You add Skype Credit by touching the Profile button on the main Skype screen and choosing Skype Credit.


  2. From the Skype app’s main screen, choose a contact to dial or use the Phone Handset icon to type a number.

  3. Choose or type the phone number to dial.

    When typing a number, always input the full phone number when making a Skype phone call, including the country code (which is +1 for the United States) and the area code. The Skype app may already supply the +1 for you.

  4. Touch the big green Call button to place the call.

    This step works just like using a cell phone. Indeed, at this point, your tablet has been transformed by the Skype app into a cell phone (albeit a cell phone that uses Internet telephony to make the call).

  5. Talk.

    You see a per-minute price listed below the contact’s name in the upper left corner of the screen. It’s a good reminder that the real phone call you’re making is costing you money — not a lot, but something to be aware of.

  6. To end the call, touch the End Call button.

  7. If the number you dialed isn’t a current Skype contact, touch the Add Contact icon to create a Skype contact for that person.

    Skype contacts are separate from your tablet’s address book contacts. By touching the Add Contact icon, you create a phone number contact for the number you just dialed.

Lamentably, you can’t receive a phone call using Skype on your Android tablet. The only way to make that happen is to pay for a Skype online number. In that case, you can use Skype to both send and receive regular phone calls.

  • Get a good headset if you plan on using Skype often to place phone calls.

  • In addition to the per-minute cost, you may be charged a connection fee for making the call.

  • You can check the Skype website for a current list of call rates, for both domestic and international calls.

  • Unless you’ve paid Skype to let you use a specific phone number, the phone number shown on the recipient’s Caller ID screen is something unexpected — often, merely the text Unknown. Because of that, you might want to e-mail the person you’re calling and let him or her know that you’re placing a Skype call. That way, the call won’t be skipped because the Caller ID isn’t recognized.