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How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet pulls contacts from multiple sources, such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo!, and even other apps such as Skype. Because of that, you may discover duplicate contact entries in the tablet’s address book. Rather than fuss over which entry to use, you can join the contacts. Here’s how:

  1. Wildly scroll the address book until you locate a duplicate.

    Well, maybe not wildly scroll, but locate a duplicated entry. Because the address book is sorted, the duplicates usually appear close together (though that may not always be the case).

  2. Select one of the duplicate contacts.

  3. Touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon and choose either the Join or Link Contact command.

    You may have to edit the contact first and then touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon to find the command.

    After choosing the command, you see a list of contacts that the tablet guesses might be identical. You also see the entire list of contacts, in case the guess is incorrect. Your job is to find the duplicate contact.

  4. Choose a matching contact in the list to join the two contacts.

    The contacts are merged, appearing as a single entry in the address book.

Joined contacts aren’t flagged as such in the address book, but you can easily identify them: When looking at the contact’s information, a joined contact looks like a single, long entry, often showing two sources or accounts from which the contact’s information is pulled.