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How to Find Help for Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Your Android tablet is a great device. However, as with all things technology, you will likely find yourself in need of assistance at some undetermined point. When that happens, you have a couple of options.

Finding help

Some tablets come supplied with the Help app. It may be called Help or Help Center or something similar, and it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s better than nothing.

You may find the old, dratted manual lurking in eBook form, which doesn’t make it any better. Look for it in the Play Books app.

A Guided Tour app or Tutorial app may also be available, which helps you understand how to work some of the tablet’s specific and interesting features.

Getting support

Three sources are available for support for your Android tablet: the cellular provider, the tablet’s manufacturer, and Google Play.

Cellular support

For LTE tablets, the first source of support is your cellular provider. Assuming that you’re a current mobile-data subscriber, consider contacting the cellular provider for tablet issues. Here is some contact information for U.S. cellular providers.

Manufacturer support

The second source, or the only source if you have a Wi-Fi tablet, is the tablet manufacturer, such as Asus, Samsung, or LG. Information about support can be found in those random papers and pamphlets included in the box your tablet comes in. This is why you shouldn’t throw that stuff away after unboxing your tablet.

Oh, and if you were suckered into a long-term service agreement at some Big Box store, you can try getting support from those people.

App support

For app issues, contact the developer. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store app.

  2. Tap the Side Menu icon to display the navigation drawer.

  3. Choose My Apps.

  4. Tap the entry for the specific app, the one that’s bothering you.

  5. Choose the item Send Email.

    Swipe the screen from button-to-top to scroll down the app’s info screen and find the Send Email item. It’s usually one of the last items on the screen.

Contacting the developer is no guarantee that you’ll get a response.

Play Store support

For issues with the Play Store itself, contact Google.

Information about my tablet

When contacting support, it helps to know your tablet’s device ID and Android operating system version number. This information is found by opening the Settings app and choosing the About Tablet or About Device item. For a Samsung tablet, that item is found on the General tab.

The two items you should reference are the tablet’s model number and Android version. For convenience, and in case you can’t get the tablet to turn on again in the future, you can jot down that information here.