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How to Add Security with the Android Tablet Lock Screen

The standard swipe-lock screen isn’t a difficult lock to pick. In fact, it’s known as the No Security screen lock on Android tablets. If you’ve added more security, you might see any one of several different lock screens on your tablet.

The password lock is the most secure. It requires that you type a multicharacter password to unlock the tablet. Touch the Done button on the onscreen keyboard to accept the password and unlock the tablet.

The PIN lock is also considered secure. It requires that you type a secret number to unlock the tablet. Touch the OK button to unlock the tablet, or use the Del button to back up and erase.


To work the pattern lock, trace your finger over the nine dots that appear on the screen along a preset pattern. After you match the pattern, the tablet is unlocked. This type of screen lock is more secure than the swipe lock, but not as secure as the password lock or PIN lock.

Some tablets may feature other lock screen options, such as the face lock screen. Galaxy Note tablets feature a signature lock, which uses that tablet’s S Pen. Though clever and fun, these locks are not considered secure, and they often require a password or PIN as a backup.

Whether or not you see these various lock screens depends on how you’ve configured your tablet’s security. The pattern lock can start at any dot, not necessarily the upper left dot.

You’ll probably leave your Android tablet on all the time. That’s great! Tablets are designed that way, and the battery supports keeping it on for lengthy periods. When your tablet is bored, or when you’ve ignored it for a while, it locks itself similarly to a computer entering Sleep mode. After the tablet is locked, the touchscreen turns off to save power.

To unlock the tablet, press the Power/Lock key. Unlike turning on the tablet, a quick press is all that’s needed.

After unlocking the tablet, you see the lock screen.


Or, if you’ve configured the tablet for more security, you may see a different locking screen. Simply unlock the screen, and you can start using the device.

  • On Samsung tablets, you can press the Home button to unlock the tablet. The Home button is centered below the touchscreen.

  • On the Samsung Galaxy Note, you can unlock the tablet by removing the S Pen.

  • An Android tablet continues to run while it’s sleeping. Mail is received, social networking updates are made, and so on. The tablet also continues to play music while it’s locked.

  • Touching the touchscreen doesn’t unlock the tablet unless you’ve configured the tablet not to use a screen lock.

  • Loud noises will not wake up your tablet.

  • Android tablets don’t snore while sleeping, but they can dream.