How to Add a Corporate Email Account to Your Android Tablet - dummies

How to Add a Corporate Email Account to Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

The easiest way to set up your evil corporation’s email on your Android tablet is to have the IT people do it for you. Or you may be fortunate and on the organization’s intranet you’ll find directions. You might want to consider this tip because configuring corporate email, also known as Exchange Service email, can be a difficult and terrifying ordeal.

It’s possible to add the account on your own, but you still need detailed information. Specifically, you need to know the domain name, which may not be the same as the outfit’s website domain. Other details may be required as well.

Above all, you need to apply a secure screen lock to your tablet to access Outlook email. This means you need to add a PIN or password to the device. You cannot access the Exchange Server without that added level of security.

And there’s more!

You also need to grant Remote Security Administration privileges. This means your organization’s IT gurus will have the power to remotely wipe all information from your Android tablet. You must activate that feature, which is part of the setup process.

The bonus is that when you’re done, you’ll have full access to the Exchange Server info. That includes your email messages, as well as the corporate address book and calendar.