How to Activate Your Android Tablet's Locations in the Map App - dummies

How to Activate Your Android Tablet’s Locations in the Map App

The Maps app works best when you activate all of your Android tablet’s location technology. It’s a good idea to turn on all available location settings. From the Apps drawer, open the Settings app. In the Settings app, choose the Location item to view the Location screen. On some Samsung tablets, touch the Connections tab and then choose the Location Services item to view the settings.

The Master Control icon is found atop the Location screen. Use the icon to activate the tablet’s location services; ensure that the button reads ON. If it doesn’t, touch the Master Control icon or slide the OFF button to the right so that it says ON. When the Master Control icon isn’t present, ensure that a check mark appears by the item Access to My Location.

You may find additional settings on the Location screen. It’s a good idea to make sure that each one is activated by placing a check mark by the service name.

Any apps listed on the Location screen use location information. You can choose an app icon to examine further how it uses the tablet’s location technology, although in some cases you won’t find any specific controls to disable the app’s location requests.

Location information is enhanced when the tablet’s Wi-Fi is activated.