How to Activate the Auto Backup Feature in Your Android Tablet Photo App

By Dan Gookin

The Photos app on your Android tablet desires to coordinate your pictures and videos with other Android devices, as well as the Internet. That coordination takes place only when you’ve activated the Auto Backup feature.

To confirm that Auto Backup is on, look at the Photos screen in the Photos app: Tap the Side Menu icon and choose Photos from the navigation drawer. If the text Auto Backup Up To Date appears near the top of the screen, you’re good. Images are backed up.

To enable this feature if it’s off, look for the text Turn On, found on the right side of the Photos screen, near the top. Tap the Turn On button to activate Automatic Backup. Any images not yet backed up are copied to the Internet.

To disable the feature, tap the Action Overflow and choose Settings. Tap Auto Backup, and then slide the master control to the Off position.

  • It’s a good idea to disable this feature if you use your tablet to take images or record video that you don’t want anyone to see. Then again, perhaps you should question why you’re undertaking such activities in the first place.

  • When Auto Backup is enabled, images on your tablet are copied to your Picasa web online photo archive. They’re stored in the Auto Backup album, which is private by default.